Monday, November 28, 2005

After care

Think of the scab as a friendly barrier keeping germs out and the ink inside.
Tattoing is nothing but a serie of holes with ink in them.
Molecules of ink too big to get into your bloodstream.
So the scab is the guardian while you wait for your new skin to envellop and keep the ink prisonner.
The scab should be moist enough to allow you to move without cracking but not moist to the point where you can peel it off in your sleep for instance.

So, once you left the tattoo artist with a membrane on your body part, you go home.
You clear your agenda for the day.
take off the protective wrap. tampon carefully if you have excess blood and cream running down.
sit or lay carefully, put a dvd on and wait.

after a few hours the scabbing has occured.
All you have to do is protect the scab.
put some cream everytime you feel it dried up-pulling your skin, or twice a day, the amount of a pea.

do not shower today.
tomorrow ok, but avoid putting a lot of water on topo of it, specially hot water. Scab is our guardian we dont want to soak him with soaps and liquids.
forgeta about the gym for a few days.
dont go to the sun( it dries the scab) or sea.
be carefull whaen you sleep. If the tattoo is on your shoulder, sleep on your side and put a pillow behind your back so you wont roll over for instance.

Be patient.
DO NEVER scratch.
if it itches put some water or cream.

within a week you should be ok.
I recommend bepanthol(the blue one)

every year when you sun bathe, remember to put some sun protection so that the colors wont be altered.
put protection all over your body while youre ata it.
The sun isnt friendly anymore.


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